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Management Review and Cost Oversight

A wise man once said "you can expect what you inspect".  The basis of his comment is true regardless of the industry your organization is engaged in.  In today's competitive environment, a growing business with exceptional results is more likely to have strong senior management commitment to both customer and operational concerns than those organizations who struggle everyday to hold it together.  Our firm can help your organization develop a strong Management Review (MR) process that will enable you to define, measure, review, and improve the organizations efforts in meeting and exceeding its defined goals and objectives.  

The cost management and control portion of the management review process is inherently incorporated into the continual improvement process.  Measuring, managing, and improving areas of opportunity will drive out unnecessary or discretionary costs in a sustainable manner.  Results bring clarity to cost drivers, fiscal discipline and awareness, and ultimately waste elimination.

It's one thing to pay lip service to an organizations continual improvement efforts but to be actively engaged an organization requires a disciplined and structured approach.  Leadership must be able to assess the organizations progress, efficiency, and performance towards goal attainment (both operational and financial).  A robust Management Review process, with well-defined metrics attributable to the goals, will ultimately result in increased efficiency and operational performance, greater customer and employee satisfaction, lower costs, and  increased profitability.

What we do to help:

   •    We'll listen to your needs
   •    Help identify and define what process will work best for your organization
   •    Discuss and help you identify "the team"
   •    Help establish the goals
   •    Help identify the appropriate metrics needed to measure and monitor results
        (operational and financial)
   •    Help define the appropriate scoreboard
   •    Be there for you when you need additional assistance

What you'll need:

   •    Commitment from senior management
   •    Discipline and desire to improve your organization
   •    Delegate responsibly and engage the organization
   •    Ability to drive change if necessary and encourage the team to "stay the course"
   •    Communicate successes and focus on needed improvements

Establishing a Management Review process is a conservative "first-step" approach to providing an organization with steady and measurable continual improvements that support positive change over time.

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